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"I was asking the impossible.  My tiny "L" shaped kitchen with the refrigerator at the bend was always difficult to navigate.  The refrigerator door would essentially cut off the rest of the room.  I wanted to move it into the wall.  The only wall that was available was on the side with stairs leading to the basement.  Bottom line the refrigerator is recessed into the wall and the vegetable bins are near my waist.  Paul, tackled the project like a Sunday crossword.  Our cramped kitchen is now open and a place where friends can gather while dinner is cooking.  I have a tabletop in the spot where the frig was located.  There is a trash drawer pullout, bins for pots, pans etc that pull out.  Everything was done to perfection and on budget.  I think the more difficult the task the more Paul enjoys the project!  We are pleased to say the least!!!!"

Karen Keith
Office of the Mayor

kitchen cabinetry solution in fine Tulsa home!

the refrigerator blocks space in this small kitchen tulsa cabinet guy's recent kitchen cabinetry solution involved finding more kitchen space (left) while keeping the refrigerator accessible.  Space in the wall over the basement stairs (right) proved to be key. limited headroom
subfloor is set into the iron frame to keep profile low. tulsa cabinet guy cut into the wall (left) and removed the old overhead shelving; see opening to basement (right); angle iron was the best way to support the refrigerator because it added headroom/clearance due to its low profile (right). iron frame set onto support post
open and inviting The built-in refrigerator and additional kitchen space (left) provided the answers the customer sought.  She had tulsa cabinet guy custom craft a beautiful solid wood, mahogany countertop in its place (right). mahagony table top w coffee stain


deck, stairs, storage and garden solution!

Cabinetry and craftsmanship are demonstrated in this trade project.  Tulsa Cabinet Guy was contracted to do more than replace a staircase.  The homeowner recognized value in improving the stairs with better, maintenance free materials, increasing the deck size, creating watertight storage under the stairs and freeing up yard space for an herb garden.

The stairs were unsafe: rotten wood. The shed, storage, under the stairs and gardening space, visible right, were impractical. 
Maintenance free materials for the stairs, deck and rail were the best choice. 
Removing and rebuilding the stairs, deck and storage was a planned process to minimize any inconvenience.
Eliminating the old shed and combining better storage space represents the value of a craftsman who will implement a best solution.
Attaching moisture resistant decking over wood seemed impractical so galvanized and powder coated framing steel was used to build the  structure.  
Trex @ was chosen as the maintenance free decking material.


See the lighted storage frame under the stairs sheathed in corrugated galvanized sheet metal, before being covered with vinyl siding to match the rest of the house.

Whether your project is interior or exterior, a craftsman will share with you the best possible solution, a solution that includes design integrity, longevity and take into consideration the customer's true needs.  Tulsa Cabinet Guy has a history of consistently pleasing customers with architectural design and engineering features of projects large and small.


Visit again soon for a complete wood millwork project involving interior wood door manufacturing, wood moldings and office computer furniture.  Tulsa cabinet guy will demonstrate various purposes and options when it comes to wood finishes and furniture.  Whether you need a new wood desk, table, mantle, built-in shelf or antique restoration, you will want to know the secrets behind successful staining and refinishing solid wood.  We will also take you on a search for the best knobs, pulls and kitchen hardware.  And, a complete study of laminate countertop replacement will be key to the homeowner considering a solid surface, cement or granite countertop.  See the tulsa cabinet guys undermount sink and cement countertop on the kitchen cabinetry page!