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Teak Cabinet with Dry sink and two drawers


Left: Front view with toggle latches

Right: angled view without toggle latches


Left: drawers and dry sink lid open


Right: angle view with toggle latches

Left: templates were used for final fit and adjustments before building drawer fronts and dry sink lid.


Right: Upper door detail


The challenge for the above cabinet was that the boat was on the west coast and the cabinet maker was in the Midwest. It was not practical to travel to the boat for measurements.  The client was able to send dimensions with a sketch showing the contour of the inside of the hull.  With those dimensions a full scale plan was created  to work from. The design concept, finish dimensions, and material choice was verified via E-mail. The cabinet construction is Lyptus milled to a 5/8" thickness. The cabinet was shipped with  templates that represented the drawer fronts and dry sink lid.  After the client installed the templates, measurements were verified from a reference line on duplicate templates kept by Tulsa Cabinet Guy.  Bench hinges support the mahogany and teak dry sink lid. The drawers travel on 100 pound stainless steel roller bearing drawer glides. The toggle latches were created by and installed by the client using scrap teak sent along with the finished drawer fronts. For a clean look a recess was carved into the drawer front to serve as a drawer pull.